Podcasts In Which I Have Made Comments Or Co-Hosted

Mac 20 Questions Podcast

This is a great podcast with David Allen. It started off as an interview and now I come on about once a month or so as a co-host. We have great discussions about Macs and other Apple Tech. Podcast Logo
Show 110 Talking about Xcoding,
Show 102 we talked about Snow Leopard Server on a Mac-Mini
Show 99 I am being interviewed by David Allen and we had so much fun he asked me to co-host from time to time.

Mac Geek Gab

RSS Icon wearing a headsetA great podcast with Dave Hamilton and John Braun talking about Mac tech issues and answering listeners questions. Great for all Mac users from the beginner to the advanced.
Show 152 at the 27 minute mark.

Tech Bits with Paul "Systems Consultant" Scott and Dr. PC Jeff Bodenstein

We are still working out the format of the show. We are recording on Sundays at 5:00PM Pacific Time. I would love to get some feedback for what my readers might like to hear in the podcast. We are considering taking a mix of news and analysis with some tech tips and help users who are new to the Mac or working in a Mac/PC environment.

Podcast Gear

I am in the process of upgradeing my podcasting gear. Now I feel like I need to do more shows to justify the setup. Now I am running a Behringer Xynex 1832USB Mixer with a Sony Dynamic Microphone and Seinheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones. I am still trying to decide what kind of Mic I want to use. My Mac-Mini, MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone are all connected to the mixer. Jeff and I do the show via Skype on Sunday evenings. Visit us on reboundradio.com. Or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.

In my office I use a Blue Snowball USB Microphone hooked up to a 27" iMac Core i5 with Creative 2.1 Speakers or iPhone headphones if needed. Remote interviews are recorded on an iPhone or iPad with a built in Mic and Blue Fire App for the iPhone or can be streamed live via Skype. Blue Snowball Microphone